The offer of bras is very rich. We can choose among numerous designs, materials and colors. We will certainly find something for every occasion. Today, however, let’s focus on the most comfortable bras, that is, the ones we wear every day. Certainly they should be comfortable, made of good quality materials and invisible even under fitted clothing. As for the colors, let’s put on the classic colors – white, black and nude. The model is also important because the bra supports our breasts, shapes it, gives it a nice look and relieves the spine.

How to choose the type and size of the bra to shape and size of the breast?

To choose the right size bra, measure your circumference under the breasts and in the bust. Then you have to calculate the difference between the values ​​- subtracting from the circumference in the bust, the circumference under the bust. In this way, we will get the size of the bowl.

When choosing a bra, also pay attention to the shape of the breast to optimally match it to the bust. In the case of round and firm breasts, balcony bales, half-cups or plunge-type bras are good, while in the case of a flaccid bust, for example after losing weight or feeding, full cups, such as classic white or black soft bras, will be better.

It is also worth fitting the bra to the size of the bust. In the case of this small size, plunge models equipped with low-end underwire will work. In this model, the breasts will be nicely collected and enhanced. On the other hand, ladies of a larger size, should choose models in the type of balcony or bra more built-up, which will cope well with maintaining a very large bust.

To sum up, a bra that is worn every day should be above all practical and comfortable. No problem with finding the optimal model, regardless of size or shape of the bust. Remember, however, to pay attention to the material from which it was made. Only a good quality product will serve us for a long time, remaining in good condition.

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